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The Finance intern will be responsible for helping oversee the Kaleo budget and keeping up with all rent payments. This student will also collaborate with the other media and administrative interns when necessary while planning events.

The internship is designed to give the student essential industry insights and hands-on experience in their field of choice. It’s a part-time, 8-week commitment from May 26th – July 24th. The time requirement would be an estimated 15-20 hours per week. The schedule will be determined around the student’s other obligations (Kaleo, school, work, etc.). Students can raise money to receive a paycheck for the internship. Inquire for more details if interested.

Responsibilities Will inlcude

  • Managing students fundraising on focus missions

  • Communicate the rent payment schedule and remind people of due dates 

  • Assist staff in working with students whose funding is insufficient to help them find creative funding solutions

  • Run any credit card charges that need to be made

  • Familiarize yourself with the Kaleo budget and assist in reviewing all project expenses. 

Skills and qualifications

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills

  • Excellent organizational skills, including multitasking, time management, and meticulous attention to detail

  • Experience in working within a budget

  • Ability to problem solve and make quick decisions

  • Strong work ethic and willingness to learn

  • Access to laptop computer

  • Ability to operate with complete discretion concerning sensitive financial issues. 

Education & prior Stumo Experience

  • Student must be a Kaleo participant, KLP or DGL

  • Going into your junior or senior year

  • 2.5 GPA or higher seeking a degree in one of the majors listed below:

    • Media: Videography, Photography, Graphic Design, Digital Media, Media Arts or similar

    • Communications: Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Finance or similar

  • Portfolio of work examples upon request

StuMo is excited to host a administrative internship this summer and provide the opportunity for a student to grow in their event planning skills, as well as add value to the project. We believe that serving behind the scenes of a Kaleo project can be a growing opportunity for any student, providing opportunities for the student to use their creativity and critical thinking in executing events. Our hope is that the intern will come out of the summer having worked on a variety of projects and media platforms, with many work samples to add to their portfolio. We are excited to find the right person for the role! Please submit an application if you are interested in this role.


If you have further questions feel free to ask the staff member you are closest to or email Taylor Sego. 

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