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Info for 2022 Coming Soon

Students spend the summer living with a group of peers, usually from their own campus. Students build deep and lasting friendships as they live, work, study the Bible, and pray together! They not only grow spiritually but also have multiple opportunities to grow in leadership. Each group of students will be assigned a D-Group Leader, who will meet personally with the students in their group on a 1-to-1 basis every week to teach them, and encourage them. All students will work a full time job and be given specific opportunities to grow in different character areas.


Students will have opportunities to work 40 hours a week and lead in their discipleship groups.


Students live with a discipleship group (made up of 3-4 peers). They will meet as a small group and attend large group content meetings.


Students live in Destin, Fl for 9 weeks with other students from their campus. They will take part in a local church while there. 

Price: $2,950

This covers cost of living, training materials and all Kaleo events. 

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