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To Kaleo participants and the parents of Kaleo participants,



Thank you so much for your continued patience while we finalize firm plans for our adjusted Kaleo Summer Project.  We are extremely excited and thankful to be able to have an adjusted Kaleo project this summer.  Kaleo has had such an impact on thousands of students from our campuses and we are beyond excited to get to have it this summer.



It is our desire that no one feels any pressure to attend Kaleo this summer given the unique conditions.  We understand some will not be able to come or not feel comfortable because of Covid-19.  We completely understand and your donors can be refunded upon request.




Dates and Location


Ozark Kaleo 2020 will take place from June 21st to August 2nd at Seascape Resort in Miramar Beach, FL.  






Q:  Will there be jobs available?


Our team has been in contact with many of our normal and largest employers.  We believe there will be jobs for everyone.  Many of our usual employers have already communicated that they wish to hire our workers. However, Kaleo never directly places students in jobs - we allow the free market of the area and our students to run its course.  Historically this has allowed our students to get paid more than the average worker in the area because of our great reputation over the years.  This year we are taking much more effort to more directly place students in jobs.  However we will not require they take a job offered to them. 


Q:  Will there be any restrictions on specific jobs with safety in mind?


While there are no specific restrictions in place we will encourage students to not take jobs with the highest amount of person to person contact.  Our Jobs Director must approve every job and will reserve the right to reject a job if they feel it is unsafe.


Q:  Can I take classes instead of having a job?


Yes!  We often have students who take classes instead of working.  This will be an option again this summer as well.




Parents Weekend


Q:  Will there still be a parents weekend?


No.  Unfortunately we will not have a parents weekend this summer.  However, parents are welcome and encouraged to come anytime during the summer to visit!




Health and Safety


Kaleo will always follow government guidelines with health and safety in relation to Covid-19.  In fact we will usually be more conservative than the minimum guidelines.  We are creating a plan and protocol based off CDC suggestions for churches and business.  This protocol will include several measures including distancing measures and restrictions on group size.  By default we will not meet as a large group for at least the first two weeks.  After that we will cautiously adapt as appropriate.  




Kaleo Payments


Kaleo Cost: $1,990 


Note:  Our spots will be more limited than originally planned due to the circumstances.  Not everyone who has currently paid a deposit will have a spot.  In that case, your deposit would be refundable.  Please know that our staff have worked tirelessly to secure as much lodging as possible and it is our desire to get as many people to Kaleo as possible.  



Q:  Should I even be fundraising in this unique economic environment?


Absolutely!  While we would encourage everyone to use tact and sensitivity to unique situations, we would encourage those who want to fundraise to proceed confidently.  We think you will likely find many people are excited to give right now!  Many Christians reprioritize their faith giving during times like these.  We are seeing people give generously to Kaleo participants everyday.


Q:  Can donations be returned if the government (federal, state or local) restricts travel or makes it impossible to have the Kaleo project?


If for some reason Kaleo is interrupted, we will assess and make partial refunds upon request based off project costs and commitments.



Q:  Can donations be returned for any other reason? (e.g. I change my mind after May 18th, I leave the project once it has started, I become concerned about Covid-19 changes or developments)


Per our normal payment policy, once someone commits to come to Kaleo we expect them to pay in full as many of our costs and commitments are paid upon each person’s commitment.  


We ask that each individual and their parents weigh their decision to come and choose to commit to pay for the project in full if they choose to come.  


Per our standard Kaleo procedure each summer, we will ask that you put a credit card on file with our central office. 

Please call or email Stephen Billings with any questions related to finances and safety.

Stephen Billings  901-494-5879 

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